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Repairs and gearbox alignment

In our workshop we are able to move up to 50 tonnes of heavy components. This is sufficient for all gearbox types up to 2.5 MW. Our engineering team are specialised in working with standard gearbox types. If necessary, we will also carry out gearbox optimisation works. We offer prefabricated upgrade packages for some gearbox types.

In cooperation with our experienced engineers, we offer excellent conditions for the professional handling of your gearbox.

After reinstalling the gearbox, we carry out an optimal alignment of the gearbox and generator. Using highly-modern measurement devices, our workload remains comparatively low whilst the benefits for you remain high. An incorrect alignment runs the risk of further gearbox and coupler damage and reduces output by up to 1%.

The gearbox must be checked at regular intervals for correct alignment. The settings may shift as a result of the operation of the turbine. This is absolutely normal.

Alignment - A noteworthy topic: